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World Disability Day – (Dec – 3rd to 7th, 2017)
International Day For People With Disabilities, celebrated by MBA Foundation & Self Esteem Foundation on 3rd and 7th December 2017.
Self Esteem Foundation (SEFD) & MBA Foundation (MBAF) Conducted two events pertaining to “International Day For People With Disabilities”, keeping in line with the UN Theme for 2017 – “Transformation towards Sustainable and Resilient Society for All”. The main principle of this theme is to ‘Leave No One Behind’ and empower all with disabilities to be active contributors to the Society. The Mission of Our Prime Minister “Swachh Bharat Abhyaan”– was taken as a theme for this year’s Program.

3rd December 2017, early Sunday morning found the Sanghursh Nagar Slum Redeveloped Buildings in Powai, getting up to a loud and enthusiastic laughter session from the Nisarg Swasthya Sansthan. this was part of the waking up call for the residents there towards Swachh Bharat Abhyaan, in their own neighborhood.
MBAF and SEFD, organizations working in the field of rehabilitation and occupation for people with different disabilities arranged this program with support from Nisarg Foundation, who are in the field of educating people in keeping surrounding areas clean and green.
Starting with one’s own good health through exercise and laughter, the program advanced to a rally through the designated community area with disabled people carrying placards with slogans and others with gloves and garbage bags, doing the cleaning all the way. There were around 275 participants including the Sanghursh Nagar residents, volunteers from Nisarg Foundation, SM Shetty School, Chandrabhan Sharma College, PRATHAM members, our trainees, staff and Trustees taking part in this event.
An awareness talk on the importance of clean surroundings followed the rally.
After this, Yati Social Foundation demonstrated the Waste Decompose usage and how the wet garbage can be turned into Manure; MBA Foundation donated Pots from Yati Foundation to 2 buildings to initiate Wet Waste Management.
The refreshments sponsored by Renaissance and J W Marriott helped the participants to relax.
On the 7th December 2017, in GODS’ Abode, Airoli, we conducted another event with the Inauguration of “BLESSINGS”. This is an Ability Showcase of Products made by Differently Able youngsters.
Another part of the event comprised of COMPETITIONS. with the theme “SWACHATHA”, for specially abled children & adults, showcasing drawings & paintings on cleanliness, nutritious food items for the betterment of health, Fancy Dress, Skits, etc. There were different cultural programs, dance & singing by all the children. The winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd ) were awarded with Medals and Gifts by the hands of our special guests and judges from the different fields. All the participants were also given participation Certificates.
It was very overwhelming to see other Special Schools also taking pains to train their students in skits and dances, on the subject of Cleanliness. We feel empowered and strengthened to continue our activities with renewed energy to reach out to more people with Special Needs.
The Vision and Mission of MBA Foundation and SEFD of “Life with Self Esteem and Dignity for Persons with Disabilities” was strongly propagated through this events.
The event was a grand success, bringing joy and happiness to all the students of 6 special schools and MBA Foundation trainees. There were JWM Mehta College NSS students as Volunteers to help children with special needs; the parents and teachers from other schools, who accompanied the children. In all, there were about 350+ participants.
Both the Programs ended with a thanksgiving by the management of MBAF & SEFD, with a special thanks to all the Sponsors and Well Wishers and Volunteers.
All participants were offered nutritious lunch which was relished by one and all.

In 2017 donations from the UK transformed the lives of more than

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